TAISS SRL is the company that operates on the field of the industrial coating and specialized in painting plants with powder and liquid paints for metal products. We supply our clients complete lines at different levels of automation and separate components: painting booths, ovens, wastewater treatment, deionization plants and other.

Our work is always focused on two main principles: quality and maximum care of our Customer specific expectations. This places us on the forefront of industrial painting. All products under the “TAISS” registered trademark are characterized by high efficiency, safety, low energy consumption and low ecological impact.

The quality of our products is ensured by a constant monitoring of all realization phases: design, production, transportation, installation, commissioning, operator and maintenance training, guarantee and post guarantee services. The high level of our products and services is steadily confirmed by the EN ISO 9001-2015 certification of our quality management system.

We are sure that our thirty years experience in the production of painting plants
will also be useful to Your Company.

This confidence comes from the growing presence of our plants in more than 20 countries worldwide and especially from the increasing number of “recurring” Customers, who, after having chosen us as the Supplier for making their first plant, confirm their choice by making their further projects with us.
“Recurring” Customers are our best reference and we are very proud of them.

The continuous improvement of our products and services,
Working to the requirements of Quality Management Systems and the ISO 9001-2008 Standard,
Responsibility for the safety of our equipment,
The compliance of our products to the European Community standards.

All these values make our company not an ordinary Supplier,
but a very reliable Partner.

There are no standard solutions in our work. Every project is customized and for its realization we use all our resources and the experience.

Thanks to our vast technical archive, developed since 1989, and to the availability of most modern design programs, in a short time we can issue a technical and commercial quotation which describes to our Customers the necessary investment, the technological process, the required floor, the manpower and energy consumption, needed to run the plant. Further to this on customer approval and in close cooperation with the suppliers of consumables, we issue the operational documentation.

All our products are accompanied by a technical manual, which includes:

  • Technical passport and User and maintenance manual,
  • List of anomalies and ways of setting them right,
  • Layout drawings,
  • Electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic diagrams,
  • List of spare parts with 3D exploded view,
  • CE Declaration of Conformity (or Conformity document issued by Eurasian Union).

Only high quality materials produced by leader companies are used in manufacturing our plants, avoiding any economic compromise to the detriment of quality and safety. This approach allows us to increase the duration of our plants and to reduce maintenance costs. In addition to the “virtual” assembly in the design phase, the main elements of our systems are preassembled before the shipment. This double approach allow us to reduce assembly time and costs and the chance of making mistakes.

Our specialists provide assembly, testing and technical assistance. We pay particular care to our customers’ personnel is training, providing them with a theoretical and practical course during tests and, when required, organizing “pre-test” stages at our plants. This practice allows our Customers, which are using for the first time industrial painting plants, to start with the production just after commissioning.