Сommissioning of the plant of agricultural machinery painting.

In June of 2018 we have tested and commissioned a new automatic plant for pre-treatment and painting of agricultural machinery (cabs, transmissions and other tractor components).

This plant TAISS consists of:
Equipment for shot blasting with automatic abrasive recovery;
Systems for reading pieces sizes (height and depth);
Equipment for chemical surface pre-treatment by spray or immersion (10 phases, including zinc phosphating);
Equipment for application of cataphoretic coating;
Automatic crane with 4 manipulators;
Oven for drying transmissions and hardening cataphoretic coating of cabins;
Double booth for painting with liquid paints, with dry filtration;
Paint box;
Pre-drying ventilation chambers;
Oven for drying the finish coating;
Overhead conveyor;
Plant for demineralization (2 PCs);
Waste water treatment plant.

The tests conducted during the commissioning showed excellent results.