Plants for painting of aluminium profiles

TAISS SRL has a rich experience in the production of specific plants for the pretreatment and painting of aluminium profiles.

Loading/unloading zone
Bell-shaped polymerization oven of automatic plant Compatto
Automatic plant with pretreatment in tanks and powder coating (with plastic booth for a quick color change) for aluminium profiles
Automatic powder coating plant of aluminium profiles, load size 1500 mm
Automatic transferable booths of Compatto
Plant for pretreatment in tanks and automatic plant Compatto for powder coating of aluminium profiles
Bell-shaped polymerization oven

All our plants are designed according to specific customer needs: productivity, quality of finished products, level of required automation, available space. Our profiles painting plants can be divided into the following main categories:

Horizontal Automatic Plants for painting aluminium profiles, including:
spray pretreatment tunnels or dip pretreatment tanks,
drying oven,
automatic painting booths (plastic booths for a quick colour change, or two movable booths should be used for an efficient powder paint management),
polymerization oven,
automatic overhead double-rail conveyor (“P&F”).
The productivity of this kind of plants, with horizontally loaded profiles and different accumulation zones (from 2 to 7), is of up to 1700 kg / h.
*Using automatic painting plant, with a double tunnel, the productivity can reach 2040 kg/h.

Automatic plants for painting profiles with vertical accumulation zone – “Compatto”.
These plants are designed for shop floors of small dimensions, since they are arranged on two levels. They come complete with two movable automatic painting booths, with cyclones or with filters. The bell-shaped oven is always provided with doors in order to ensure the complete cleaning inside. The profiles are pretreated in separate tanks. These compact plants are optimal for painting small lots of profiles.

Semiautomatic plants for painting profiles. They include the pretreatment tanks, an overhead conveyor with manual operation and trolleys with a payload of 1000 kg, automatic powder application and curing in static ovens (with doors). Contrary from automatic plants, designed to maximize productivity, these semiautomated ones are considered being the best solution for companies which usually need to paint not only profiles, but also other bulky products (1500 х 7000 х 2500 mm). The moderate price and the maximum flexibility are the main qualities of these plants. Frequently this type of plants are used for painting accessories for doors and windows.

Each detail is important when painting, especially when painting windows profiles. This rule applies to each parameter of the technological process: water quality in the pretreatment stage, the number of pretreatment steps, the type of chemicals used, their contact time and the prompt correction of the chemical solution, the drying quality, the jigging method, the coating uniformity, the temperature stability and uniformity inside the oven, and many more.

All our plants are built following these specifications. By following these process parameters and by using high quality paints and chemicals our Customers will easily acquire the quality label for powder coating aluminium profiles for the architectural market.