Powder and liquid painting plants for metal products

Our powder and liquid painting plants for metal products are highly efficient, compact, safe and easy to run.

Powder coating of fences
Powder coating of components of refrigerators
Automatic plant for pretreatment and powder coating (with a plastic automatic booth for a quick color change) of formwork elements
Automatic plant for pretreatment and powder coating of electric boards
Handling of large and heavy parts
Automatic plant for treatment and powder coating (with automatic plastic booth for a quick color change) of galvanized steel profiles and other pieces up 12.000×300×2.500 mm

Powder coating automatic plants with high productivity are our main products.

These plants are usually made of:
pretreatment tunnel,
drying and curing oven,
automatic powder painting booth (with cyclones, filters, or monocyclone and powders center for a quick colour change),
powder application equipment (automatic and /or manual),
automatic overhead conveyor.

Powder coating semiautomatic plants include: a pretreatment tunnel before painting, different types of painting booths, static drying and curing ovens, manually operated conveyors with a trolley load up to 5000 kg and mechanized movement in some areas, coating equipment (automatic and/or manual). This kind of plant is an excellent choice for jobbers, since they usually need to paint pieces of different sizes and shapes. Often semiautomatic plants are completed with a liquid painting booth and a shotblasting machine.

If required, all our plants can be equipped with various optionals: equipment for automatic dosing of chemical products, wastewater treatment plants, deionizing units, oil separators, systems for reading of pieces sizes, platforms for operators and other components.

Our liquid painting plants can be automatic or semiautomatic and usually include:
chemical pretreatment (spray or dip) and/or shot-blasting,
liquid painting booths (with dry filtration or filtration by water curtain),
pre-drying ventilation chambers,
cooling booths,
drying ovens,
overhead conveyors.

All our plants, independently of their productivity and of their level of automation,
are designed with high quality and safety standards.