Water Treatment Plants

Deionization plant
Deionization plant 4m3
Deionization plant
Wastewater treatment plant with zero water emission
Wastewater treatment plant 4m3
Wastewater treatment plant
Wastewater treatment plant

A good quality of the water used during the active phases and the rinses improves the quality and the resistance of the coating. The use of deionized water is compulsory for some processes such as the pretreatment of aluminium profiles.
TAISS SRL offers different types of water treatment plants: deionizing plant, reverse osmosis plant. Water treatment equipment can be supplied together with the pretreatment plants or separately.

To keep the tanks clean and thus increase the duration of the chemical solutions, we offer:
– Oil separators (for cleansing the degreasing tanks)
– Sludge separators (a system with continuous filtration to separate solid wastes from a liquid).

Wastewater treatment:
Effluents, resulting from the chemical pretreatment process, need to be treated. We provide automatic plants with different levels of productivity (the standard models are from 1, 2, 4 m³/h up to 12 m³/h). For the final phase of sludge filtration, the plants can be completed with filter bags or filter presses with a further final filtration through a carbon filter. In specific cases, our plants are equipped with evaporators in order to ensure water purification with zero water waste.

All water treatment plants are designed according to different productivity levels, depending on the Customer needs and can be installed either in the production area or in different location.